The name Badaga means northerner. The Badagas are believed to be descended from Mysore, who migrated to the Nīlgiris three centuries ago owing to scarcity, political chaos and local oppression in their own country. The Badaga community owes a lot to leaders such as Rao Bahadur H. J. Bellie Gowder who played a pivotal role in steering the Badagas into the modern age. The Community is categorized into four major groups of people, Badugar, Kanakar, Haruvar, Athikari. One more group named Thoreyas may considered as a sub group.
The primary occupation of the Badagas is agriculture. Both men and women work in their farms whole day. In case they don’t have own farms, they proceed to other peoples farms as coolies. In past ages they were cropping vegetables like carrots, potatoes, cauliflowers etc but in recent ages many farmers show big interest in planting tea and coffee crops. The occupational sectors in Nilgiris at present is enormous, schools, hospitals, banks, hotels, factories and many other sources have made agricultural area, a well groomed city.

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