Botanical Garden

The Tamilnadu government’s Botanical Garden in Ooty was laid out in the year 1848 occupying 22 hectares of landscape with multiple sections. The Tamilnadu Horticulture department maintaining the existing plants in this garden. Every year the garden explores newest plant varieties when compared to many other international botanical gardens.

Various green houses are built inside the garden in order to show visitors the plant varieties which help protection against UV sensitivity. The collection includes native plants, unique plants, non-native plants, rare plants, beautiful shrubs, colourful lilies, well maintained lawns, Italian style garden. Herbaria collections of World’s medicinal floral parts are available here preserved with extra care for the future reference.

Government of Tamilnadu organizes the annual flower show usually in the month of May every year at the Botanical Garden for the alluring people from across the globe to the Ooty. The flower show involves in creating awareness among the flower growers, garden lovers and the farming community by conducting a gardening related competitions.

Botanical Garden

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